Buddhist dharma translation project

In order to spread dharma and benefit life, about Rinpoche's translation, compilation and publication of books, literature, teachings and all instructions need a professional and solid translation team, who can present more precious dharma teachings and guilding for the Chinese public in a timely manner.

The work of the project can be extended to coordination with other agencies, about of collaborative translation of Buddhist sutras, other guru books assist for translation, On-site translation, subtitling and book-writing for Dharma meetings. Through the establishment of this project, professional dharma translators will be recruited and trained in batches to provide opportunities for their participation, dedication, learning and training, and to develop a system of division and cooperation.

It will bring together translators who are proficient in buddhist Chinese, English, Tibetan, Sanskrit and other languages, and work with other project teams to spread Rinpoche's teachings to the public in a timely and wide manner. Your work will be guided and assisted by a team of senior and experienced monks and professionals in the practice of Buddhism. You will also meet more like-minded dharma friends and learn from each other. We are willing to help those who wish to become Buddhist translators to succeed. We also welcome you to introduce professional talents to us and looking forward to your supporting.