Reserve the great Tibetan Tripitaka

The great “Tibetan Tripitaka" is a collection of buddhist classics, there are many versions, has always been only by the court, the government, the temple collection. In Chinese history, there was always the tradition to compile the great Tripitaka by prosperous times.

Over the past one thousand years, China has published more than official of engraving the grand collection sutras, it is inclusive of sutras (the teaching of Sakyamuni during his lifetime and a few Buddhists supplementary as the teaching by the Arhat and Bodhisattvas), Commandments (Sakyamuni established ritual rules for his pupils to follow) and Theories (the elaboration or interpretation of buddhist teachings). After so many changes, only the Tripitaka of Theravada has been preserved completely, and only a few scattered Pattra-leaf or paper writings of the early Sanskrit classics to be saved.

In order to preserve the treasure of Dhamma, let all of generations to meet and learn the Dharma, the honor Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche regardless of sect, compassion kindness love with all. Constantly calls on us to actively participate in the recitation of the great Tibetan Tripitaka sutra, and to participate, invest and inspire more people to gather together in the study, dissemination and protection of the great Tibetan sutra. Therefore, we set up this project team, to realize Rinpoche's wish, to protect and preserve the treasure of Buddhism, and to cooperate with all walks of life, to focus on the protection and dissemination of the great Tibetan Tripitaka sutra. Welcome to join us!